As a mental health practitioner, if you are tending to a new patient who has arrived from overseas it will be very important for you to establish if they have any previous medical history of mental health. This can be attained from their previous health records or any other documentation or from the referring GP.


It has been covered that an interpreter is not permitted to help you to translate any of these documents for your patient as they may not be trained or qualified in document translation.

You should make use of Language Empires translation services in this case. All the translators we use are qualified and trained in the ethics of document translation. They will understand the importance of confidentiality and have the correct experience in using mental health specific terminology that may be used. It is highly important you use this professional service to ensure details have been translated accurately.

We find many organisations using other methods to gain an understanding of what a document may be about. We do not need to explain to you as a professional why we do not advocate this method.

You will always receive a Certificate of Accuracy with any document that is translated through Language Empire. This comes from the interpreter themselves stating the information they have translated is accurate.

Before we can complete the job we must receive the document first before we can assign a translator. The turnaround time for a document does depend upon the size of the document. Please bear this in mind when asking for a quick turnaround time.

Translation Requests:

There are three ways in which you can request a document to be translated by Language Empire, these are by:

  • Email
  • Post
  • Online platform

If you do require our translation services you should contact your line manager in order to clarify you can use this service first. Once this is confirmed please contact our office where one of our Translation Co-Ordinators can guide you in this process. They will advise you on the most appropriate method to send your document, they can advise you on the turnaround time and provide any additional information you may require.