If you are ever unhappy with the services provided by your interpreter you should inform Language Empire as soon as possible. We have strict recruitment policies in place which means all our interpreters are screened, vetted and trained in order to provide a high quality service. By providing your feedback to us, we can then asses the levels of service and the standard as to which the interpreters are providing to you.

  • Not interpreting everything that is said.
  • Having a side conversation with the patient or practitioner during the appointment which excludes the other party.
  • Speaking on behalf of the patient.
  • Answering private calls during an appointment.
  • Demeaning behaviour towards the patient.

In this instance you should discuss any unsatisfactory conduct with the interpreter after the appointment and explain why you thought it was unacceptable. You should assume that the interpreter in the first instance was not aware there was a problem. For some language groups you should note, not all interpreters will have the same level of experience as some languages are rarer than others, therefore the interpreter may not be familiar with some aspects of interpreting.[1]

If the interpreter refuses to acknowledge the problem or if it is repeated, you should then raise these issues with Language Empire where we can then investigate this issue, where you can then request for that interpreter not to be sent again.

Likewise you can always fill out the Interpreter’s Quality Check feedback form, (which comes via email with your booking confirmation) and send this back to us at a later date. You are not required to give this form back to the interpreter if you feel you need to leave negative feedback on there. We do ask you complete their Quick Feedback which can be found on the interpreter’s job sheet.

Alternatively you can email any feedback or any complaints to:


Where a complaint has been logged, this will be acknowledged within three days and a full investigation will then take place. We will consider both yours and the interpreter’s perspective and will request a statement from the interpreter regarding the booking in question. You will receive a resolution to your complaint within twenty one days of it first being made. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, we will then follow through with our dispute resolution procedure.

We always require written evidence of your compliant for audit trails and evidence logging. We advise you to make your line manager aware of any complaints raised. Any complaint made will be addressed by a member of our management team. Language Empire takes all feedback seriously.

[1] Minas. H. et al, Working with interpreters: Guidelines for Mental Health Professionals, The Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit, 2001, pg 19.